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Kerja Lapangan JUE100




JUE 100 is meant for students who secured bands 1, 2 and 3 in MUET. It is a preparatory English proficiency course which is offered by the School of Distance Education (PPPJJ).

This course adopts an integrated communicative approach and a mastery of English does not only involve knowledge of its linguistic forms but also on how, when and who these forms are appropriate. Thus this approach will help students to make the transition from the linguistic structures to use of English in real life situations. It is hoped that this course will be a lively and stimulating learning experience.


This course is designed to help the students to acquire proficiency in the four language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) and in grammar and vocabulary at the foundation level. This will equip the students to communicate effectively in everyday activities as well as in academic and job situations.


At the end of this course, students should be able to:

i. use basic grammar structures – articles, prepositions, tenses, comparatives and superlatives, active and passive forms – correctly.
ii. understand how tenses are used to describe actions/events in the present, past and future.
iii. understand how ideas are organized, linked and sequenced.
iv. carry out writing tasks to produce, with an appropriate degree of skill, different text types involving various language functions.
v. skim and scan texts for specific details.
vi. comprehend texts and answer questions based on them.
vii. listen to and comprehend specific type of discourse appropriate to this level.


We will be using New Interchange English for International Communication by Jack Richards (with Jonathan Hull and Susan Proctor) Student’s Book 1 as our text. You are required to study and comprehend the linguistic forms and functions found in the book. Do the exercises on your own.

I have placed lecture notes on tenses, reading comprehension and writing (in the form of power point) and also listening exercises in the PPPJJ portal (http://el.usm.my). Should you face difficulties, do not hesitate to get in touch. You are encouraged to refer to other English texts.

As for writing assignment, please refer to the instruction on Project Work which is attached together with this academic planner. You are given guidelines and a variety of topics to choose. Work on it in a group (group project). All project work must be submitted during your group presentation which will be done during the intensive in November/ December 2009.

Finally, your final exams will be based on the linguistic forms and functions that you have learnt.


A. Coursework (60%)
i. Writing:
Project work – Individual paragraphs 10%
Group assignment 10%
Oral presentation (group) 10% 30%
ii. Test (listening & grammar) 30%

B. Final Exams 40%
100 %

The intensive course will be held from November 25 till December 12, 2009.


You can reach me at the following address:

JUE 100 Course Coordinator
School Of Distance Education
Universiti Sains Malaysia
11800 Pulau Pinang.

Tel: 04-6534572
e-mail: shahrier@usm.my

I wish all the best in your studies, tests and examinations.

Shahrier Pawanchik

i. You are required to form a group of five (5) or six (6) members and not less, and these members must be from the same regional centre (Pusat Wilayah).

ii. Choose one of the following topics:

a. a tourist attraction
b. a historical/heritage building
c. one Malaysian culture
d. one social problem in your area

iii. You must narrow down your choice to your town/city/state.
Write in about 400-500 words on the topic that your group have chosen.

iv. Your project work should follow the following guidelines:

a. Title
b. Terms of reference (who asked for the project report? when was it
requested? what was requested?
c. Introduction
d. Body (sub-titles for each paragraph)
e. Conclusion
f. N.B. – names of group members and paragraphs

You may incorporate pictures and tables.

v. You must provide a foot note (N.B.) - identify the contribution of each member. A 10% mark is given for individual contribution. Say for example, your project work has 12 paragraphs, specify his/her name for the paragraphs that he/she has written.

vi. During the intensive, your group leader will be required to give a ten (10) minute oral presentation. Choices of slots (dates and times) will be displayed on the first day at the School of Distance Education, USM. Make your choice early because the group presentation exercise will be carried out on the second day of the intensive.

vii. Try your level best and give a good presentation.

(sumbangan Annor - Sesiapa ada maklumat tambahan masukkan dalam bahagian komen . Terima Kasih)

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